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My name is Bradlee, but you can call me awesome. I'm from Atlanta and I'm in love with love. I'm a reblogger, ranter, and tortured artist with a passion for Power Rangers, Horror movies, Toy and Doll Design, Writing, and Capes.

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So, to dress like a guy Allison, chambray shirts, skinny fit jeans, tailored military jackets, boots? Anymore tips?

Remember not to get too militaristic. She was still a girl, she still stayed fashionable, kept things trendy. You can do that with some patterned tops, patterned scarves, plaid shirts and cardigans, etc.

How does Babs's mask stay on? It's gone from cowl to cap, by the looks of it.







It stays on because comics.


So much for being practical, I guess.

How does Superman fly? How does he shoot laser beams from his eyes? How does Wonder Woman’s lasso work? How does Batman never get any sleep and still function? How does Booster Gold travel back in time? How does the Joker manage to speak clearly after his face was literally ripped off?

actually the cap would just hold on because of friction. it has so much area of connection. and if say you add a friction improving surface on the inside it holds on even better.

also if you ask this go bother almost every comic book artist ever how women are supposed to fight in high heels or capes

So, friction can keep it from being yanked off by anybody?

Who’s going to yank it off? I have the scripts for our first few issues in front of me. I can’t find any scenes where someone’s yanked on it. We didn’t write any. 

There’s a strap under her hair. Boom.



Had a dream that my friend’s boyfriend died at a party and Mamrie Hart and Gwen Stefani were the private investigators on the case. They decided he had choked on pizza.

Story checks out.